In the art of grooming you not only include taking care of your skincare and health routine. It is also about upgrading your wardrobe according to the color that highlights your facial features. The outfit is not just about wearing it, but also about how well it fits you. It is also how you style your outfit. If you want your outfits to be distinct then choose the outfits with pale or light colors. Neutral colors often amplify the skin tone and highlight facial features. These colors could be worn on more than one occasion. Darker skin tones also have a sleek appearance especially when it comes to black, golden, and silver. Several dark-colored formal dresses add elegance to your personality. These dresses are designed in a contemporary way and can be available at very affordable rates on Trendyol Code.

A simple and decent collection of outfits can also protect your body against weather conditions. The main requirement of every wardrobe is good functionality and quality of clothing items. The fabric of the garment must be non-irritable and fit according to the season. It should be washable and don’t become dull on clothing. There are so many styles when it comes to wanting something elegant. It should be in a variety of colors and sizes. Here is a comprehensive list of styles that could be worn on several occasions and can used for a long time.

1- Maxi Dress

The Maxi dress is the most versatile and beautiful dress which is applicable in all seasons. It is available in various sizes from mid-thigh to long floor finishing length. Most maxis are made up of polyester and light cotton. It is perfectly washable. It is a contemporary piece of garment that covers the whole body. In some maxis, there slit cut on the side or without sleeves, etc. There are several benefits of a maxi and first and foremost is that it could be accessories with other garments. It is versatile and can be worn on several occasions. It is a trendsetter with its unique blend of contemporary and traditional design.

It is a perfect blend of several colors and sophisticated patterns of vibrant floral patterns. The fabric is breathable, absorbs moisture, and gives an elegant appearance to every girl. It could be accessorized with short leather jackets. People also wear it on turtle sweaters. The maxi dresses also have many patterns of contrasting colors on them.

2- Blazers

Blazers have proven to be the game changer in the era of women’s clothing. It is a versatile piece of garment with much variety. Blazer is also said to be a sign of achievement of women empowerment as it is taken as a sign of acceptance of working women. It has also become an expression of freedom and dominancy. They have a variety of black and white shades which are suitable for office-going people. The blazer should fit snugly but not too tight across the back. It is front buttoned up.

They are made up of a heavier blend of cashmere and wool which not only keeps you warm enough but also gives a stylish look. It falls just before the hips and accessorized with several other accessories. They can be styled in different creative ways according to the occasion. Like jeans and blazer combination is widely accepted and used by many.

3- Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are the perfect garments that can be worn in all seasons. Additionally, it’s a contemporary style that doesn’t show much amount of skin. It gives a beautiful and stylish appearance to the body. Moreover, it allows lots of mobility and is perfect for a casual look even for athletic activities. There are several designs and fabrics included in their manufacturing. The jumpsuit is a mixture of t-shirt and jeans which save people from the hustle of choosing outfits. It is also made up of wool which is a thermoregulation material and protects the body against cold.

It is also made up of light cotton and leather. Leather gives this design a perfect new look and makes you look like a runway model. You can try it in the summer season too with the fabric of linen and Tencel. These fabrics are breathable and evaporate sweat making your summer carefree.

4- Tunic

The tunic is a traditional and contemporary mixture of loosely fitting garments up to the knees. Traditional it has many designs on it according to personal taste. It is a timeless piece of garment that evolved over the years and is now presented in a variety of designs. It is a casual and simple garment that could be used for a day-to-day look. It is made up variety of fabrics from wool, cotton, Lenin, leather much more. In previous times it got many types according to civilization and every look is distinct from others.

They have many beautiful designs handmade work and knitted pieces of garments. All the forms of tunic present now are inspired by it. It is unisex and worn by all. They are lightweight and allow maximum functionality.

5- Sweat Suit

Sweat suits are the latest and widely used garment. It became an obsession for the upcoming youth with its baggy and sleek appearance. It is present in different fabrics and present in a variety of colors. They are all present in neutral colors and one color tone. It is mainly used as a gym and athletic wear.


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